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This is a website which is mainly for airliner photographs, taken by myself. Please feel free to browse through the photo pages, its still under heavy construction so come back soon!
1/4/02 - Finally added some pictures! I'll change the names to the links soon, currently 'Photo' page is all my Airliners.net images, and 'photo2' page are my favourites :D.

30/3/02 - I've decided to add some new stuff today, mainly because of my new Broadband cable connection =). I've also been thinking about stuff that I might add to the site in the future, which will probably just be more photos, maybe an about page of some sorts, and an aviation photography help page & airport photography guides.

My Equipment
At the moment I use a Canon Pro90 IS, previously having used a Minolta 7000 with a 70-300mm lens (thanks to my Uncle for letting me borrow it =) ). In the future, I have no big plans, the Canon isn't exactly the 'perfect' camera, however it will do me for now. I am seriously looking into a digital SLR, although such a big purchase wouldn't be for a few years (unless the prices dramatically come down!!).

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