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This is my collection of aviation photos that can be found on Click on the thumbnails to view a larger version

PH-KVA at Bristol International (BRS/EGGD)

G-RDVE at Bristol International (BRS/EGGD)

G-IGOM rotating from Rwy27 at Bristol International (BRS/EGGD)

EI-CKQ rotating from rwy27

The early morning line up at Manchester Ringway (MAN/EGCC)

B-KAB at Manchester Ringway

C-FCRW at Calgary International (YYC/CYYC)

G-IGOJ at Bristol International

G-ERJG at Bristol International

G-IGOJ leaving Bristol

G-JEDO leaving Bristol

PH-KVN leaving Bristol

EI-CNZ on runway 27

Cabin of G-SMAN Monarch A330-200

Final into YYC on G-SMAN

Banking over Cheshire in G-SMAN

Early morning lineup at T2

Manchesters T2 at night

Lineup of tails at MAN's T2

Rotation on MON337 (G-SMAN, A330-200) en-route to YYC from MAN

Manchester T2 lineup on a foggy night

SAS MD-87 at Manchesters Terminal 1 at night.

G-IGOR passing right in front of me at BRS

G-IGOO rotating from a field! ;-)

B-HMF being loaded with Cargo @ MAN

EC-HND of Canarias Cargo at Filton (EGTG/FZO)

2 Canada 3000 A310's @ Filton, C-GRYV and C-GRYD

G-AXLL 1-11 rotating from runway 27 @ BRS

G-VTAN Virgin sun (now defunct) at FZO

G-VTAN, G-VMED and G-VKID stored at Filton


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