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A select few of my favourite pictures taken by myself. Please CLICK ON THE 'HOTLINKING NOT PERMITTED' BANNER FOR LARGE VERSIONS.
I'm sorry about that :(.

G-IGOO rotating from rwy27.
I have no idea why I like this, I just do!!!
Do I need to tell you why?
Most effort for one photo, Myself and my camera got soaked after this one :).
Similar to one I took last year, but so so far superior. Great colour, detail, vividity, I love it!
Possibly the only A300 I'll ever see at BRS
And it looks so cool! When you compare this to a similar shot of a Dash 8 touching down, you'll realize how big it is. Dwarfing the runway!
My first photo of SN Brussels airlines.
Taken in the rain, and I think that makes it stand out so much, along with the slightest bit of motion blur, zoomed out adds a little to the atmosphere too!
Speaks for itself! Very Artsy IMO :)
Condensation on the wing!
Its gotta be in here! Never taken a shot like it before, never again. 1 in a million for me!